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Mental disorders have many causes Table 13.1 Psychological factors Family systems model Behaviour of an individual must be considered iwhtin a social context, family Problems with individual are due to family problems Social cultural model Psychopathology as result of interaction between individuals and cultures Eg. Schizophrenia most common in low classes Anorexia nervosa more common in upper clsses Cognitive behavioural factors Cognitive havioural approach is that abnormal behaviour is learned Fears are learned rather than innate strict behaviourism argue mental disorders are result of classical and operant conditioning thoughts can be considered as behaviour, they can become distorted and produce maladaptive behaviours and emotions thought processes are believed to be available to the conscious mind biological factors how physiological factors like genetics contribute to mental illness]] maternal illness because fetus is vulnerable brain imaging reveal brain regions of mental illness Integrating the factors involved in mental disorders mental disorder=interaction among multiple factors diathesis-stress model proposes that a disorder may develop when an underlying vulnerability is coupled with a precipitating event this predisposition can be biological or environmental family history suggests vulnerability rather than destiny The legal system has its own definition of psychopathology issue of personal responsibility for actions notion of insanity is legal not psychological Hinckley and insanity defense Later law changed that defendant has to prove theyre insane at the time rather that the opposite having to prove that they were sane Can anxiety be the root of seemingly different disorders? Excessive anxiety in the absence of true danger Normal to be anxious in stressful situations, abnormal to feel anxious without cause There are different types of anxiety disorders Arousal of nervous sytem
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