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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 14 Treating disorders of mind and body agoraphobia Relaxation modify maladaptive thought patterns construct hierarchy of increasing stressful situations as therapy for patient to try psychotherapy, biological therapy, (psychopharmacology) How is mental illnesses treated Psychotherapy is based on psychological principles mix of techniques from 400 of them used psychodynamic therapy focuses on insight freud developed psychoanalysis aly on couch to reduce inhibition and allow freer access to unconscious thoughts unconscious feelings exposed technique calle associaandream analysis hope to increase patients awareness of unconscious thoughts psychodynamic approaches: talking therapy expensive and time consuming treatment new approach of offering smaller number of sessions and focusing on current relationships humanistic therapies focus on the whole person client centered therapy: by carl rogers, encourages people to fulfill their individual potentials for personal growth through greater self understanding therapists strive to be empathetic reflective listening: repeat back concerns motivational interviewing to treat eating disorders Behavioural therapy focuses on observable behaviour behaviour modification based on operant conditioning social skills training- modeling: 1. modeling 2. imitate and apply Interpersonal therapy Focus on relationships patient attempt to avoid Exposure: therapy for phobia Systematic desensit: exposure technique that pairs the anxiety producing stimulus with relaxation techniques Cognitive behaivoural therapy focuses on faulty cognitions Cognitive therapy: based on idea that distorted thoughts produce maladaptive behaviors and emotions Cognitive restructuring: help patient recognize maladaptive thought patterns and replace
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