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Kristie Dukewich

PSY201H1: Chapter 4 Review Notes - A characteristic of frequency distribution and its derivatives would be that it does not allow quantitative comparisons to be made between two or more distributions. - The measure computed (of the average score of each variable) is a measure of the central tendency of each distribution. - It is important and useful to quantify the variability of the distribution. - Central tendency and variability are the most important factors, and the two characteristics of distribution which are typically quantified. Measures of Central Tendency Arithmetic Mean - Value originally calculated when you average something. - The sum of the scores divided by the number of scores - Key properties of the mean include the fact that it is sensitive to the exact value of all the scores in the distribution. Any change in the scores will cause a change in the mean. - The sum of the deviations about the mean equals zero. Algebraically: - - The mean is also very sensitive to extreme scores (Extreme scores: Score that is far from the mean score) - The sum of the squared deviations of all the scores about their mean is a minimum. Algebraically: - Of the measures used for central tendency, the mean is least subject to sampling variation. Overall Mean - Often known as the weighed mean. - Typically represented algebraically as: Median - Defined as the scale value below which 50% of the scores fall. - The median is the centermost score if the number of scores is odd. If the number is even, the median is taken as the average of the two centermost scores. - The median is also
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