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Kristie Dukewich

November 29 2012 Lecture 10Students ttest for Groupst Distribution is VersatileCommon critical assumptions o The sampling distribution youre estimating is normally shapedSage if sample size is large enough usually 30 thanks to CLT o With mean equal to population parameter of interestEg mean rho difference between mean scores sampling distribution of difference between samples o And SD equal to the matching standard errorEg The Sampling Distribution of the Difference Between Sampling MeansThe distribution would result if we repeated the following 3 steps over and over again o 1 Sample n scores from Population 1 and n scores from Population 2 12o 2 Compute the means of the two samples o 3 Compute the difference between means o 4 Do it all again until all possible samples of size n are drawn from Population 2 and all 1possible samples of size n are drawn from Population 2 and difference
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