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Exam Study Sheet - includes alternative method for heterogeneity variance

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Alison Luby

Statisticsmathematical procedurespos skeworganizsummarizinterpret infocommunicate Each X typically cont so each cresultsstandardized techs in scientific communityansw qs of Percentile Rank for URL of studys hypothesisconclusions from results If NoisyMany dif corresponding score or class resultCorrelational methodsMeasur 2 vars for each intervalindiv no explanationdirectionality of causalityInterpolationMathematical process based on assumption Experimentalnonexperimental methods Comparing 2 scoress change in regularlinear fashion as move thru grps of scores determine causeeffectuse1 var define from 1 interval to anothrndgrpmeasure2 var obtain scores for each grpexpt attempts StepsFirst need the cf and c columnsFind width of the control ALL other varsconfoundsShow changin value of interval on both scalesLocate position of intermediate value in stnd1manipulated var cause change2measured var Iv interval fractiondistance from top of intervalAntecedent conditns manip prior to observin change othr var interval widthUse distance from top of interval to determine Iv2 values 1 is alwaysusually controlother exptal Dont position on other scale could use bottom instead of top just believe based on 1 study want differently operationalized be consistent distancefraction x widthststudies to see if results replicatedRandom SL DisplayEach score divided into stem 1digitsleaf assignment All participants equal chance of being assigned final digitFirst find highestlowest scoreList stems in a to either grpNonexperimental or quasiexperimental column lowesttopstemsclass intervalsList leaves in studiesexptscompare grps of scorespreexistingquasicolumn beside their stems of leaf values beside stemindep vars not manipulatedcontrolledto create grps of freqleaf identifies indiv scorescoresshow causeeffect relatnshipsprvde Mean intervalratios median not nominalsupportcorrelationdemonstratedescribe rlnshps Constructs mor intangibleInternalsum of XMnattributescharscannot b directly observeduseful to Weighted meannnMnnMdescribexplain bhvrmake operational defn identifies 1tot12tot2measurt proc for measurin external bhvr resultin measurts as defn of hypothetical construct resultin vars disccont Disc separate indivisible cats no intermediate values btwn adjacent catsContleast in theory divisible into infiniteof fractional parts Var must be cont if free to choose degree of precisionof catsalmost impossible for ppl to have same X Ex 123456 Q23505631Class intervals in table show apparent limitsmeasuring Q1X025nf fLRLbelowLRLintervalvar requires set of catsscale of measurmnt process to Q3X 075nffLRLbelowLRLintervalclassifies each indiv into 1 catIQQ3Q1Nominal CategoricalCats w dif namesMeasurements label f of boxes before that belowLRLcategorize observ
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