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Kristie Dukewich

November 22, 2012. Lecture 9 - Student’s T-test for Single Samples General Procedure for Testing a Null Hypothesis  Applying General Procedure for Testing a Null Hypothesis  Calculate an appropriate statistic based on your sample’s data, study design, and your hypothesis o Sign Test: sum of pluses o Z Test: obtained mean  obtained Z score o T Test: obtained mean  obtained t  Choose the appropriate null hypothesis sampling distribution that corresponds to your statistic. o Sign Test: Binomial Distribution o Z Test: sampling distribution of the Mean (one group and know population mean and SD) o T Test: sampling distribution of t (one group and DON’T know population SD, or have two groups)  Decide whether the statistic is likely to have come from a population modeled by the null hypothesis sampling distribution o Sign Test: calculate p value (probability of getting that # of pluses if only chance operating) o Z Test: Calculate p value (probability of getting that mean if only chance is operating) o T Test: calculate p value (probability of getting that mean or mean difference if only chance is operating) Types and Uses of t Test  Single Sample o Compare one group mean to a known population mean when you don’t know SD o Compare one group mean to some other null value of interest (e.g., scale midpoint)  Two Group o Compare two group mean in independent groups experiment o Compare two group means in repeated measures experiment  Correlated groups, not independent of each other Using a Single Sample t Test  Research question: o How much do people think other UBC students are attracted to risky behaviours like drinking, partying, having unprotected sex?  How much do you think the typical UBC student thinks partying is attractive? o Scale of 1 – 6, 6 = very attract
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