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Shawn Lehman

Sivapathasundaram 1 Sathya Sivapathasundaram NEW 240 Stanley Doyle-Wood th June 18 , 2013 1. Defining the equity issue(s): The editorial, “‘Systemic oppression’ in Canada, with help from Ottawa” by Roy Green, states that racial oppression is interrelated with all other forms of oppressions because it initially stems from racial discrimination. The equity issue in this editorial is that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada refuses to fund money to the anti-oppression framework. Green points out in his editorial that, Celyeste Power, from the CIC claims that they did not fund for Access Alliance’s Anti oppression framework because, the CIC believes it is being naive and that every immigrant is already successful, works hard and abides by the rules; so they do not require this assistance. According to the Access Alliance, the Anti Oppression Practice serves individuals who face oppression due to their race, ethnicity, creed, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, immigration status, country of origin, religion, mental health status, age, and ability. As a result, this editorial underlines some of the concepts that were taught in class; such as race, class and gender which are all interconnected. Racism is an act of discriminating an individual or a group due to a stereotypical belief that hovers around that particular race. When the CIC refused to fund for the Anti – Oppression framework, which is being racist because not every immigrant and refugee is treated with great healthcare and other public services due to their lack of English skills. In addition, they are not the colour Canadians want to please. According to Social Darwinsim, the coloured individuals would Sivapathasundaram 2 take up the white man’s burden (Achroft 201). It is evident that, the CIC does not want to fund the Anti Oppression because they want the white community to dominate all other communities through the medium of all institutions. This way, a white man’s burden will be taken away by immigrants and refugees doing their jobs for them. Race also defines what class you will belong to. Classism is being treated according to your position in the social hierarchy. Therefore, an upper class will take advantage of the position and the power whereas the lower class would have to struggle because of the limitations they have to face (Bell 5). Classism is present in this issue because, when people immigrate to Canada, they are automatically classified as an immigrant until they get their citizenship. At this point, they are placed below the hierarchy that the society built. Therefore, immigrants and refugees will face a number of obstacles due to the class they are placed in. Both racism and classism interconnect in this editorial because when people immigrate to Canada, they are not the same race as an ideal “Canadian” which is white. Thus, they would face stereotypical oppression that is based on their racial background and would be isolated from this society. Racism interrelates with classism because; when an individual is already facing racist behaviours against them and are an immigrant they are automatically placed on the lower hierarchy and are marginalized. 2. Summarizing the editorial: Sivapathasundaram 3 The central purpose of this editorial is to depict the relationship between Access Alliance and the CIC. CIC refused to fund for Access Alliance’s Anti-Oppression policy, because they claim that they fund for all the other local programs it has; immigrants do not require the anti- oppression policy in order to sustain because they are better than well taken care of. Access Alliance on the other hand is creating the Anti-Oppression policy to assist individuals who are not only being racially oppressed, but who are also oppressed in other forms. The editorial ultimately works its way by stating that oppression is present in every state and it would not seem strange if it is present in Canada. Green continues on, mainly opposing Access Alliance. Green claims that Access Alliance did return their email and phone calls, they have not explained the anti-oppression principles and practice and there are adequate resources for immigrants in Cana
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