[PSY 202] Lecture 8 -- Chi-Square Tests

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Louisa Man Notes adapted from Dr Ashley WaggertonDentonLecture 8 CHISQUARE STATISTIC Parametric tests vs non parametric tests Parametric Non parametricMakes assumptions aboutHypotheses usually dont need to be in o Shape of population distribution term of specific population parameters o Other POPULATION parametersDo not require NUMERICAL scores 0Eg D Data from interval or ratio scale You can make this choice before after data collectionyour choiceFactors to consider while deciding between parametricnon parametric 1 Sensitivity anon parametric tests more likely detect relationships between ordinal data more likely to reject null hypothesis2 Measurement a Parametrichas to be interval ratio b Non parametricinterval ratioordinal nominal 3 Assumptions a If certain assumptions in parametric tests are violated i Eg homogeneity of variance is violated you can substitute with non parametric 4 Variance a Can convert into categories to reduce variance i Bc you can lump things into categories 5 Undetermined Scores a Recall undetermined score scenario you are measuring time taken to do a test but one participant took so long that the experiment had to be terminated you dont have a score for the person but you know they are last CHISQUARETESTGoodness of Fit Uses proportions of sample data to test corresponding proportions in a populationHow well does data we have observed frequency fit with specified distribution expected frequencies o Our data f vs specified distribution f oeNull Hypothesis 1 No preference equal to all categories eg 4 categories25 each 2 No difference from known population eg we know population from Potatoland is 30 female and 70 male
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