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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

.A Pearson correlation of r = +1.00 between X and Y indicates each time X increases, there is a perfectly predictable increase in Y A set of n = 5 pairs of X and Y values has ΣX = 10, ΣY = 20, and ΣXY = 10. For this set of scores, what is the value of SP? −30 .A set of n = 5 pairs of X and Y values has SS X 10, SS =Y40 and SP = 10. For these data, the Pearson correlation is _____. r = 10/20 = 0.50 Which of the following sets of correlations correctly shows the highest to lowest degree of relationship? −0.91, +0.83, +0.10, −0.03 The Pearson correlation is calculated for a sample of n = 25 individuals. What value of df should be used to determine whether or not the correlation is significant? 23 For a sample of n = 20 individuals, how large a Pearson correlation is necessary to be statistically significant for a two-tailed test with α = .05? 0.444 As the sample size gets larger, the size of the correlation necessary for significance gets smaller. The Pearson and the Spearman correlations are both computed for the same set of data. If the Spearman correlation is S = +1.00, then what can you conclude about the Pearson correlation? It will be positive. Under what circumstances should the Spearman correlation be used? The original data are measured on an ordinal scale of measurement. .Which of the following characteristics of the relationship between X and Y is not measured by a Spearman correlation? the exact form of the relationship What requirement should be met before you use the special formula for the Spearman correlation? There are only a few, if any, tied scores. .Under what conditions is the point-biserial correlation used? When one of the two variables is dichotomous. The effect size for the data from an independent-measures t test can be measured by r which is the 2 percentage of variance accounted for. The value for r can also be obtained by ____. squaring the point-biserial correlation for the same data .What information cannot be determined from the general linear equation, Y = bX + a? the correlation between X and Y For the regression equation, Y = bX + a, which of the following X, Y points will be on the regression line? 0, a For which of the following correlations would the data points be clustered most closely around the regression line? r = −0.80 Which of the following points is on the line defined by the equation, Y = 4X + 2? X = 0 and Y = 2 A linear regression equation has b = 2 and a = 3. What is the predicted value of Y for X = 8? = 19 A set of n = 25 pairs of scores (X and Y values) has a Pearson correlation of r = 0.60. How much of the variance for the Y scores is due to the relationship with X?
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