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Exam Practice Knowing Which Statistical Test to Use and using it correctly For each of the problems below determine which statistical test you should use zscore test singlesample ttest independentmeasures ttest or repeatedmeasures ttest state your null and alternative hypotheses in symbols locate t compute the appropriate test statistic and state crityour decision about H 0Partial answers will be provided in a separate document 1 A researcher is testing the hypothesis that consuming a sports drink during exercise improves endurance A sample of n50 male college students is obtained and each student is given a series of three endurance tasks and asked to consume 4 ounces of the drink during each break between tasks The overall endurance score for this sample is M53 For the general population without any sports drink the scores for this task average 50 with a standard deviation of 12 Can the researcher conclude that endurance scores with the sports drink are significantly different than scores without the drink Use a twotailed test with 05 2 Belsky Weinraub Owen and Kelly 2001 reported on the effects of preschool childcare on the development of young children One result suggests that children who spend more time away from their mothers are more likely to show behavioral problems in kindergarten Using a standardized scale the average rating of behavioral problems for kindergarten children is 35 A sample of n16 kindergarten children who spent at least 20 hours per week in child care during the previous year produced a mean score of 427 with a standard deviation of 6 Are the data sufficient to
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