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Psych 3 Jan 24 2011 Important psychologists and innovations Watson, Skinner read text Freud -controversial figure whose many theoretical claims are undermined -Epitome of Pathological Framework: the way you understand cogtiondevelopment is to see how it goes wrong to understand how it essentially works -3 basic insights (regardless of how wrong his theoretical frameworks are, his insights are impo) 1. idea of unconscious processing -Before: Mental activity =what we are introspectively aware of -yet no evidence that kids before 4 has any introspective ability. If there is no unconscious processing, then they must be mindless. This also accounts for our own development, as much of our development is unconscious too. Thus, this insight necessary for developmental psych . -you understand someones 2. Believe in Russels theory of stages, but he also that there is a causal relation between stages -stages shape each other 3. Interactionlism: the idea that development is not driven just by environment or biological disposition, but by how the 2 interact -he also proposes the mechanism of interaction: intrapsychic conflict -different parts of the psyche are in conflict with each other. Development is driven the a desire to resolve these conflicts -environmentsocial requirements pressure us. For ex, we dont pee any time we want bc of social norms that are in conflict with our natural needs -F thought most development is psychosexual development: his theory is largely a theory of the development of personality, mostly sexual development (how you develop sexual identity) -libido: the biological energy that activates and enables you to have pleasure. (biting into apple produces pleasure) -there are different erogenous zones that provide pleasure and develop at different times -enough activation of a certain area turns on the next area -you might get fixated at a particular zone if not fully developedsatisfied at that stage and try to satisfy it in later years in socially inappropriate ways -since its inappropriate, youll repress it by keeping it out of conscious awareness (so that you wont act on it), leading to intrapsychic conflict -dreaming is a way to alleviate intrapsychic conflict by compromising the conscious & unconscious -psyche is constantly reconstructing itself and developing new ways to alleviate pressure from intrapsychic conflictthis is a self-organizing system(like Darwins theory) because psyche create, recreate, and reconstructs itself to manage intrapsychic conflict and mediate conflict between environment and biology Young: has a much clearer idea that psyche is like a living organism, rather than a machine
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