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TEST Issuedebates thats relevant, why how relevant, explain implication EX: CULTURAL RELATIVISM Idea that we should understand a culture only in its terms, herter, there seems to be internal tension . born from the romantic ideaconstruction of meaning, but he differ by Russell bc emphasis on community. Connection bt cultural relativism and vygotskys goal SHORT: 410 choices LONG:13on overarching themeCompare developmental framework to sociocultural framework? Refer to short in long, but not long in short Long essay needs thesis, not the short one No question specifically on reading Complete sentences and paragraphs Pt form for short essay = part mark Significant marks on organization & presentation of ideas Long: 2.5 X short Short: 2-4 paragraphs? Write in pen Citing an experiment, put author name and date List of topics + notes for the research essay on portal course content Integration & links are most important Allowed to use class examples Explain why concept is imp, why its rational and show problems with the concept Piaget Functions 1. Organization: info is constraint by previous structures. Its always being integrated into previous info. Making sure that
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