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UNIT 1Social Psych Lecture 1Jan 9 2012Review SyllabusLectureWhat is Social Psychology the scientific study of the reciprocal influences of the individual and his or her social environment Reciprocal pattern little flow chart how things effect you Social psychology cross between basic and applied sciences Social Psychologyprobabilities rather then set laws there is a statistical difference intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation What does social psychology say that my grandma couldnt tell me sometimes your grandma is wrong some intuitions are wrong if tested against empirical data do opposites attract what does the data saySocial FacilitationWhat is the difference between working in the presence of others an audience vs working alone baseball player meltdownwas it because of audience he choked under pressurescrutiny triplett 1897was interested in the bicycle and noticed that riders achieved higher times when riding with other people then when they were alone He found that being with others made people wind more fishing line then when on their own The problem People failed to replicate his findings And there were cases where having an audience caused worse performance Zahonce presence of others causes increase in arosal this arosal brings about the dominant behaviour activated actionsthoughts are most practiced responsewhen audience is present easy tasks practicedlearned properlyperforms better difficult tasks not practicednot learned effectively perform worse cockroach clear glass maze easy vs hard audience present vs absent results audience easy better hard worseLecture 2 January 16 2011 Social FacilitationSocial FacilitationBeing in front of a group of people increases arousal arousal brings about dominant behaviour better performance on easy tasks decline in performance of harder tasksComparison of Social Facilitation Theories Zajonc Cottrellpotential evaluation was necessary test performed by Shmitt and colleagues They had participants type there own name or name backwards with ascending numbers in between letters Person wearing headphones blindfolded playing white noise and person with none of those things does the mere presence of another person cause this effect yes it is This was evidence was against Cottrell and for Zahonce original modelBaron Construction Conflict Model Being distracted creates attentional conflict When we are conflicted on where to direct our attention it rises our arousal its not human beings per se that cause arousal it can be any distraction ex noisy printer printing in the room causes the same effects its not social at allThereforeZajoncCottrell BaronIs it socialyynIs mere presence ynnsufficientSocial LoafingWhen does the presence of others cause us to relax rather than get aroused When efforts are POOLED and the performance of any one individual is difficult or impossible for observers to determine
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