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Maja Djikic

Lecture 8 Abraham Maslow 1. Explain why Maslow has been called the father of humanistic psychology. a. Criticized psychoanalysis as negative and pessimistic b. Behaviour and learning theories as too mechanic 2. Distinguish btw motivation, metamotivation, D-needs, and B-needs, and indicate the importance of these distinctions. a. Define motivation = the reduction of tension by satisfying deficit states i. D-needs (deficiency needs) = comes out of organisms requirements for physiological survivalsafety and motivates the individual into activities that reduce these drives 1. Examples = need for food, need to eat food a. Physiological needs take precedence over safety b. Define metamotivation = growth tendencies i. B- needs (being needs) = push forward individual to enhance life by enriching it c. Motivation and D-needs need to be satisfied before metamotivation and B- needs can be satisfied. 3. Describe the needs in Maslows hierarchy of needs. a. Better described in a bar graph b. Physiological needs = strongest i. Example = need for food, sleep, oxygen, etc. c. Safety needs = requirements for an orderly, stable environment d. Belonging and Love needs = seek affectionate and intimate relationships with others and to feel a part of various groups e. Self-esteem needs = two kinds i. Need for self-respect ii. Need for respect from others f. Self-actualization need to fulfill ones highest potential i. Unique to every person
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