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Midterm- Textbook Chapter 2 Notes You dont need to read textbook! Just read this! I took this course on 2010. Guaranteed A in this midterm. Ch.2) Research methodology

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Dan Dolderman

Research Methodology Ch2 Normal Progression of Psychological ScienceFormulate hypothesisEg People who are intoxicated will show less motor coordination than people who have not drunk alcoholDesign studyEg Plan an experiment in which you give alcohol to one group and no alcohol to a control groupCollect the dataEg Give people alcohol and measure motor coordination and balanceAnalyze dataEg Use statistical techniques to assess whether the results are genuine or probably due to chanceDisseminate the resultEg Report on the findings in a research journal or at a conference Scientific InquiryFour basic goals what when what causes whyDescription why asks behaviourPrediction when asks when the behaviour occursCausal control what causes involves systematically varying the situation to produce a change in behaviours or mental state cause and effectExplanation why understanding why something happens Scientific Questions Can Be Objectively AnsweredScientific inquiry is the study of empirical questionsquestions that can be answered by observing and measuring the world around usEmpirical questions can be answered by objective means not by how scientists think about the questionReplication Repetition of an experiment to confirm the result The Empirical Process Depends on Theories Hypotheses and ResearchTheory A model of interconnected ideas and concepts that explains what is observed and makes predictions about future eventsHypothesis A specific prediction of what should be observed in the world if a theory is correctResearch Scientific process that involves the systematic and careful collection of data to test whether the given hypothesis is tenable
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