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First midterm notes

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Dan Dolderman

PSY230: TEST 1 NOTES Important Freud (1850 1940) Jung (1870 Adler (1870 1935) Horney (1885 Fromm (1900 1980) Aspects 1960) 1950) Biographic Male dominated society Emphasizes Childhood troubles: rickets, Known as smart Had neurotic parents al Aspects Clients mostly bourgeois women childhood breathlessness, pneumonia, one with mom prone to Hot, young mom fantasies, near death character depression dreams, Second son to almost perfect Tight with mom; Analyzed history and Cold dad anxiety brother mom encourages came to conclusion that Distant from Affected by death of brother med school there was no social parents Feels neglected by mom One of the few mobility (doesnt like Fathers favourite women to enrol in dad) med school Neurosis Plagued by starting from depression childhood (i.e. Society man- fainting spells) oriented Dual personality: felt like he was a nervous boy, yet a prominent 18 th century man Focus Self Self but Shift from intrapsychic to Feminist Society as a major understanding interpsychic aka from self personality theory contributor to explaining personality community Cultural forces things that are What in your social Self-analysis: what development the opposite of environment makes you is the motive Freuds ideas behind our sick? Personality Pragmatic psychology behaviour? types and GOALS: striving for archetypes superiority (perfection, best one can be) Moments Visiting Charcot got him WAT (Word Insecure in childhood Depressed got Fascinated by WWI and interested in hysteria, Association analyzed by Karl WWII how is it hypnotism, etc. Test) the Abraham who often possible for people to Story of Anna O., Joseph amount of time had theories not inflict so much pain on Breuers patient neurotic taken to reply fitting to her case. each other? about certain Mostly came up tendencies disappeared after
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