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Study guide for Term Test 2

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Mood Disorder Criteria Epidemiology Major Depressive 5 or more during the same 2 weeks Average 9 months lasting Episode (MDE) Must have 1)depressed mood 2)anhedonia (lack of pleasure) Appetitesleep disturbance, psychomotor agitationretardation, loss of energyfatigue, cognitive distortions (feeling worthlessguilty) Bereavement exception Manic Episode 3 other sxs for at least 1 week Average 2-3 months (ME) Must have elevated, expansive, irritable mood High SEgrandiosity, less need for sleep, loud & rapid & pressured speech, racing thoughts, distractibility, goal- directed behaviors Mixed Episode At least 1 week ME and MDE (rapidly alternating moods) Hypomanic Mania for 4 days Episode Not fully manic (not as severe) Major Depressive 1 or more MDE without history of manic, hypomanic, or Onset: early adulthood Disorder (MDD) mixed episodes 75% with one MDE have another F:M = 2:1 F (10-25%) M (5-12%) 15% with MDE suicide Bipolar 1 1 or more manic or mixed episodes 60-70% occur immediately beforeafter MDE 90% with ME will have another Onset: ~30 F=M Prevalence: 0.4-1.6% (much less common than MDD) 19% with BP1 suicide (high!) Bipolar 2 MDE + Hypomanic episodes Dysthymia Depressed mood with some other symptoms for at least 2 Onset: late teen years F:M = 2-3:1 Double depression (approx 80% with dysthymia + MDE) Prevalence: 6% Cyclothymic Chronic, fluctuating mood disturbance (numerous Onset: teen years Disorder hypomanic and depressive episodes) F=M Not meet full criteria for MDE or ME Prevalence: 0.4-1% At least 2 years Suicide Highest risk: older, male, Aboriginal, Prevalence: 0.01% (but underestimated)
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