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Abnormal PsychologyLecture 1January 13 2011Psychological Disorder 3 factorscriteria Psychological Dysfunction Which leads to distress or impairment Can include atypical response People with anxiety disorder are aware that their thought are irrational butthey cannot stop it Ex Chip in brain Behavior is inconsistent in some sense to be described as psychologicaldisorder The greater the deviation of the curve the more likely we can describe as psychological disorder How rare does behaviour have to be in order to be atypicalconsidered adisorder Someone who has depression for 14 days it would be coded as a depressive episode Someone who has 2 panic attack that comes out of no where within four weeksthen we can code it panic disorder DSM committee within university which sets boundariescoding how todiagnose Behaviour can be coded as abnormal if it violatesbreaks some sort of social norm abnormality can be defined by certain cultural norms ex family members positive voices OCD There are no universally assumed psychological disordersno single universal definition of abnormality relative to persons cultureThe mental Health Professions Work as a scientistpractitioner in diff ways1 Consumers of science for their patient keeping up with latest scientific developments in their field up to date treatments2 Active in evaluating there own procedures patient complete measures before and after treatment so psychologist knows their treatment is effective3 Conducting research that leads to new procedures useful in practice Clinical Psychologist PhD PsyD In Canada Psychologists cannot prescribePsychiatrist MD FRCP C Psychoanalyst MD PhD comes from freudian theory in practice you have to be an MD first visits 34 times a week for about 45 years covered by OHIP Social Worker MSW work with couplesentire familyorganizations Counseling Psychologist PhDhelp people with life adjustment problemsAll accept social workers can diagnose a condition as abnormalStudy clinical disorders Clinical description Change how many people have the disorder prevalence incidence how many new cases in 12 month period onset patterns when and how does disorder start gender ratiosCausation prognosis biological social Treatment and outcome studying new treatments university departmentsHistory of Psychopathology Demonology Good and Bad Manasfestations of power where regarded as supernatural An evil being such as the devil may dwell within a person and control the bodyDemonology Found in early records of many civilizations ex china egypt greece Predominate perspective of 11th15th Century Church interpreted these threats as demonic forces 1316C people were obsessed with the devilmany people where put to death because of these thinkings witches witchcraft etc
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