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Hywel Morgan

Lec 1 120418 108 PM Psychopathologystudy of abnormal psychologypeople who suffer mental emotional physical pain o as result of form psychologicalmental disordercriteria of abnormal o unusualness of behaviorstatistical infrequency IQ70mental retardationunconventional behaviour violates normso discomfortdistress of persono presence of mental illnessclear identifiable physical process that differs from healthleads to specific symptomso maladaptiveness of behaviourcause people to suffer distressprevent daily functioningo unexpectedness TheoriestherapiesBiological o Theories Structural physical trauma leading to psychological problemsNeurotransmitter too littlemuch of neurotranismitter in synaptic cleft Geneticso TreatmentsDrugs antipsychotics antidepressants mood stabilizers antianxiety medicationElectroconvulsive therapy ECTRepetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation rTMSPsychological approach freudPsychoanalytic o TheoriesUnconscious drives ID Ego SuperegoInsight into real concern o Therapy PsychoanalyticExplore unconscious conflictsFree associationExplore sources of resistanceTransferenceDream analysis Behaviouralo Theories Effects of reinforcementspunishment on behaviourclassicaloperant conditioning o Therapy Exposurebased therapySystematic desensitization modeling floodingSocial structure theorieso Theories Roles society plays in development of psychological disorderCognitive Therapyo Social skill training o Not relying on others for social worth Cognitive Behavioural Therapyo Systematic desensitization o Interoceptive exposureo Confront situationthought challengechangeNeurotransmittersDopamine experience of reinforcementrewards o Noveltyseeking Serotonin regulates emotion harm avoidanceo Low Aggressive impulsiveNorepinephrine low levesdepressed o Reward dependent GABA anxiety symptoms Lec 2 AssessmentAnxiety Disorder 120418 108 PM Assessment process of gathering info about peoples symptomspossible causes for symptomsfactors o symptomshistorycurrent symptoms severitychronicityability to functionrecent events causing onset of symptomshistory of psychological problemsfamily history of disorder o psychologicalneurological factorsmedical conditionscausing psychological symptomsdrugsinduce psychological symptoms cognitive functioningintellectual ability o sociocultural backgroundnumber of friends familyquality of relationshipssociocultural background ties to culture raised inacculturationextent to which person identifies w hisher group of originits culture or w dominant mainstream culturemethods o interviewsclinical unstructuredopen ended question to obtain nonverbal indicators structured question from concrete criteria about symptoms experiencingo psychological testspersonality projective personalitycognitive intelligencefamily function o observation
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