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Christine Burton

PSY270 MAY 31 2012 MEMORY PROCESSESMOVE FROM ONE SYSTEM TO ANOTHER MODULAR SERIAL PROCESSING ONE AT A TIMEBU VS TD WHAT INFLUENCE THESE PROCESSESMEMEORY PROCESSENCODING ENCODING IS PROCESS TO PUT INTO CODESTORAGETECH IS A PROCESS ONLY HOLDING INFORETRIEVALFORGETTING HAPPENS IN MEMORY ALLL THE TIME COULD BE A RESULT OF STORAGE DECAYED OR RETREIVAL NOT ACCESIBLESTM Storageacoustically and visually can code it semanticallyProcessmaintenancerehersalstored in the same code as it is encoded for a short time but can be maintained via rehersal Encodingattention transfers info from sens memory to stmStm retrieval How we retrieve Main question is do we retrieve serially one by oneOr parallelstm in one goTrickier question how we know process during recall we look at accuracy not tell us anything how Rxn time cant control which one get one then dont say bc you want all of them SternbergSee memory setIn short term And show target letter Only one response did not need to recall anything yes or noabsent trial target absentAlso present trials Also varied set size of 1 to more Up to set of 6ContdHad to encode memoryThen want know retrieval stage
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