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PSY280 AUGUST 9 2012 SMELL AND TASTE GATE KEEPERSChemical senses bc take in certain mole or chemicalsOther senses are not taken in by body taste we actually taste molecules smell we take inAlso gate keeperdecide what come in aand stay outNutritional smellNot good for us not nutritiousThings good vs bad spoiled milk good or bad drink or notTaste it good spoiled badTaste smeel important things consuming and not consuming harmful sour mild stomach acheImportant detect these things OdorSmell is odpr detectionDetect odarantsNot every chemical is an ordant3 propSmallpass through nasal cavity to olf receptor this len 58 x 1028 gramsVolatilefloat through the air to go to nasal cavity and fall on nasal cavityHydrophobicrepellent to waternose mmuscius water prop and order not phobic dissolve in water and not land in receptor not receive itOdarants can be detected ContdThresholdConcerntation detectedPerfumeNot based on compound but other factorsStrcutuer of moleculeLonger chemical easier to detect longer compound carbonGenderfemale beterdet thres lowerAge is anotherolder less sensitive to certain ordors and det thr high conOlf receptor in olf muc regenerate not like rods life cycle die and reborn and eldery the cycle is cloweler die quicker and not reg same propensityExperience familiar with ordor lower concentrationlike gasoline detect quicklyIdentDetect dif recDetec min conc to detect ordorRec is ability to rec what ordor is additional component3 times between det and rec greater saturation to recTo rec and identify itquality of itbaking something but something sweet Ident of ordarant the verbal component sweet or sav requires memory and languageOrder linked to memory not linked to languageVision rec it easy to rec itLanguage memeory but not mem and smellLanguage not as easilyUse words from other senses to categorize ordor ContdDiff map physical to pysciological Hard to identify ordors no language to ident all of languageVisual words can use not can use for ordorPerceptual prop not match to physc propChemical may have certain ordor but realtion is not straigtSame strcurture one ordor one notDifferent strcutrrus same ordor Phys prop not match perceptual property or experience AnatSmell the nose but not main areaArea is olf mucosa not the nose Nose responsoibe for filtering warming and hunidfy itNose not resp for smell area within is respAir into nose and ordor mole in itRidgesturbiantes ridgesordorants come into air and sent up into nasal cavity make turbulecen and push into olfactory cleft and that is where sense is right behind eyebrowsEach nostril take in diff airAmount air diff each nostrildif puff if airDif types and fluctuateContdAs u breath air in rises up in rturbantes poush air to muscousMicrofy it get mucus layer where olf receprotr extend to the dendrites extrudeOrn locatade in epitehilum layer and in it have ornresponsible for changing ordor molecules to electrical signalsOrn rods and cones transduction ordor to electrical signakSupporting cellssupport orn using physical support and nutrients and elimainte waste and basal cellsprecursor to transmission to olfactory bulb
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