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Junchul Kim

030116A0B062C20DNervous System120522 117 PM Lets go through what we have learned so far 01234567183937Central Nervous system 202005 Brain Spinal Cord Peripheral Nervous SystemNerves project from spinal cord12 cranial nervesSomatic o Interacts w bodys external envo Afferentefferent nervesAutonomic Nervous system o Interacts w bodys internal env o Afferent nerveso Efferent nervesSympathetic nervous systemMotor nerves project from neurons in lumbarthoracic spine Involuntary movement of internal organs FightflightArousal Second stage neurons far from target organParasympathetic nervous systemMotor nerves from neurons in cranialsacral regionRestrestore Second stage neurons near the target organ AxonsNerves Collections of axons outside CNSTracts Collections of axons inside CNSNeuronsGanglion glanglia cluster of neuron cell bodies outside CNS 0003302 Nucleus cluster of neuron cell bodies inside CNSCoronal sectionThree meninges Encases CNSDura mater meninx 01234o Tough outer membrane 5631716426133 Arachnoid meninx o Weblike membrane 82337933 Pia mater 317216o Adheres to CNS surface01234567183937 Subarachnoid space 202005o bw arachnoidpia matter o contains large blood vesselscerebrospinal fluid 0123415Side view Top viewVentriclesCerebrospinal fluid CSF 678297741 Ventricular system 12877278o series of chambers filled w CSFo 4 ventricles in the brain2 lateral 4172A 1 third B7C37275 1 fourth D8E7F2322005 Cerebrospinal fluid o Acts as shock absorber mechanical cushion o Provides exchange medium bw bloodbrain nutritional 41029C087support0E2F02F78o Choroid plexusnetwork of capillaries of blood vessels protrudes into ventricles produces cerebrospinal fluido excess CSF drained by dura sinuslocated along dura matterdrains into large jugular veins o hydrocephalusbuildup of fluid in ventricles due to blocked ventriclecauses walls of ventricles to expand
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