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Development of Nervous System 120522 125 PM Development of Nervous Systemdeveloping human called o embryo for 1st 8 weeksafter 8 weekso called fetuszygoteo single cell formed by amalgamation of an ovuma sperm o zygote divides2 daughter cells divide48until mature amorphous mass of homogenous cells1 cells must differentiateo some muscle some multipolar glial cells2 cells must make their way to appropriate sitesalign themselves with cells around themo form particular structures3 cells must establish appropriate functional relations with other cells 5 Phases1 induction of neural plate2 neural proliferation3 migrationaggregation4 axon growthsynapse formation5 neuron deathsynapse rearrangement Prenatal Brain Developmentfertilization to gastrulationinduction of neural plate proliferation of neural progenitorsdifferentiation birth of neurons neuron migrationaxon growthsynapse formationneuron deathsynapse rearrangement Fertilized eggMorularBlastocyteday 0 zygote fertilized eggday 1 first cleavage division2cell stageday 2 4 cell stage day 3 early morula solid ball of cellsday 4 advanced morula0 day 6 blastocyst with cavity 68721230 724689230468123045632606Implantation of blastocystsday 7 implantation o embedding of blastocyst into uterine lining beginsinner mass cello cells that produce the embryo within blastocystcells on outside of blastocyst o produce placentaembryonic membranes068721230724689230468123045632606Developmentblastodisc formationo inner cell mass within blastocyst becomes blastodisc which contains 2 layers of cells hypoblastepiblastgastrulation from 2 cell layer3 cell layer o cells start to migrate towards inside of embryo through primitive streak o gastrulation establishes 3 layers of embryonic cellsectoderm outermost mesoderm middle endoderm innermost
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