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Sensorimotor System 120522 125 PM Movement Sensorimotor System 3 steps voluntary movementsbraino sends motor commands to motor neurons in spinal cordmotor neurons in spinal cord orelease acetylcholine ACh at neuromuscular junction 012 Ach 1o binds to nicotinic ACh receptors on muscle fiber1334405673 trigger contraction of muscle782590001234123204506102544136744123471002889631947414711809062469650416319447141433500281800600000242660010203014050146303Neuromuscular junction site of ACh release 4 Muscles moving body partsflexor muscles3 o bendflex a join bicepstendonsextensor muscleso straightenextend joint tricepstendonssynergistic muscleso any 2 muscles whose contractions produce same movement bicepstendonsantagonistic muscleso any 2 muscles that act in opposition bicepstriceps Muscle ContractionIs triggered by spinal motor neurons o cell bodies of motor neurons are found in ventral horns of spinal cordsspinal motor neurons o sends AP to muscle through ventral hornAP arrives at axon terminals o release ACh at neuromuscular junctionlower motor neurons in ventral horn o ventral rootmixed spinal nerve neuromuscular junction at muscle fiber ACh binds to nicotinic receptors on muscle fiber o postsynaptic potentials arisetrigger AP in muscle fibers Spinal Motor Neuronsmost muscle fibers o innervated by a single alpha motor neuronsingle motor alpha motor neuron o innervates many muscle fibersa motor unit smallest component of motor control o is a single alpha motor neuronits associated muscle fibersmotor neuron poolo collection of alpha motor neurons that innervates a single muscle 61787101234563450247011213487452501116
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