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Traditional vs modern PREJUDICE Week 8 Is prejudice decliningData from the United States If you ask White North Americans whether prejudice is still as much of a problem as it once was what would they sayMost would say that its not as bad2008 poll74 of respondents said that discrimination against Black people not a problem in their communitiesDevine and Elliot 1995several studies with White college studentslooked at stereotypes between 1933 and 1995became less negative over timechanging from very negative to somewhat positivelook at graph on next slide Figure 61Change in Stereotypes of BLACK Americans over time Is Prejudice decliningData from the United States Surveys of general population194268 of Whites supported racially segregated schools1995declined to 4Twenge1997beliefs about womens social rolesless stereotyped between 1970 and 1995Yang1997attitudes toward lesbians and gay men less negative between 1973 and 1996So has there been a declineWhat could be accounting for this declineIs prejudice decliningData from Canada Release from the Dominion Institute 2005httpswwwhistoricacanadacasitesdefaultfilesPDFpollsirracismsurveyenpdf Survey of Canadians attitudes about discrimination and racism in their communities and workplaces1 in 6 Canadian adults report they have been victim of racismDo Canadians believe racism has decreased13 of Canadians believe racism decreased in their community between 2000 and 200565 said it neither increased or decreased17 said it was on the rise7 of Canadian adults would not welcome people from another race as nextdoor neighbours 13 would never marry or have a relationship with someone of another race15 say skin colour makes a difference in their workplace Is prejudice decliningData from Canada 2002 Ethnic Diversity Survey found that nearly onehalf of Blacks and onethird of South Asian and Chinese respondents reported having been the victim of discrimination and unfair treatment since 199725 of visible minority workers reported experiencing racial harassmentdiscrimination in workplace2003 Ekos survey46 of Aboriginal people living offreserve reported being victim of racism or discrimination since 20012004 studywage gap between visible minorities and rest of Canadian population increased from 11 to 145 between 1991 and 2000Among Canadianborn men the three largest visible minority groupsBlacks Chinese and South Asianshad significant wage gaps compared to their Caucasian counterparts Transformation of Prejudice Much evidence to support the idea that prejudice is alive and well in Canada and US Now it is subtle instead of overtHow can we tell whether prejudice still existsBogus PipelinePhysiological and implicit cognition measures
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