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University of Toronto St. George
William Huggon

Psychology and Law Final NotesJuries wisdom of 12 conscience of community protect against out of date laws increase knowledge of justice systemCriminal cases found in the Criminal Code 12member juryCivil cases breach of contract or other form of harm 68member jurySummary offenses 6 months in jail 2000 no juryIndictable offenses not seriousjudge alone very seriousjudgejury sometimes choice otherwise preliminary inquiryjudgejuryHybrid offenses up to the CrownJury Selection Canada has Jury Act that outlines eligibility criteria governed by Federal Law People receive jury summons timeplacePeremptory challenge no reason for juror rejectionChallenge for cause reason must be providedeither way lawyers suck at selecting jurors Two people act as triers third as prospective juror Triers judge third guy if partial then new guy brought forth new guy acts as next trierScientific evaluated based on predetermined characteristics of sympathy for the case cant be done in Canada since lawyers may not question prospective jurorsBroadbased looking for traits and attitudes during the voir dire appropriate for prosecution or defense ie dogmatismauthoritarianismTrial consultants to observe jurors during case and provide feedbackCasespecific profiles ideal juror using facts of the casePeople alter answers depending on whether they want to serve dishonesty about bias or ignoranceCharacteristicsRepresentativeness allow any eligible person from the community random selection but may still exclude some eligible candidates Impartiality must set aside any biases and ignore inadmissible evidence they suck at this depends on strength of evidence reason for disregard more important than instruction backfire effect polar bears mediaemotion have no connection to defendantpeople tend to forget facts but remember emotion Change of venue adjournment delay but memories fade and witnesses may disappear challenge for causeJury nullification ignoring law due to other unique circumstances less likely to say guiltyHigh external validity posttrial interviews not in Canada archives field studiesInternal validity simulation Note taking helps though those who take notes may be seen as more influential up to judge
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