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Notes on readings for test 1 (pt 2)

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Dan Dolderman

The role of positive emotions in positive psychology the broaden-and-build theory Experiences of positive emotions broaden peoples momentary thought-action repertoires, which in turn serves to build their enduring personal resources, ranging from physical and intellectual resources to social and psychological resources. The capacity to experience +ve emotions may be fundamental to human strength central to the study of human flourishing. +ve emotions markers of flourishingoptimal well-being SWB determined by peoples balance of +ve and ve emotions +ve emotions are means to achieving psychological growth and improved well-being over time Emotion begins with an individuals assessment of the personal meaning of some antecedent event general concept (consciously accessible feelings) Emotion vs. affect: o Emotion: Some personally meaningful circumstance Brief and implicate the multiple-component systems Fitting into discrete categories of emotion families o Affect: Free-floating or objectless Long-lasting and may be salient only at the level of subjective experience Varying along two dimensions; pleasantness and activation +ve affect: o Facilitates approach behaviour o Continued action o Prompt individuals to engage with their environments and partake in activities, many of which are adaptive for the individual, its species, or both. o +ve emotions include a component of +ve affect, they too function as interal signals to approach or continue Broaden-and-build theory: o Certain discrete +ve emotions joy, interest, contentment, pride, love although phenomenologically distinct, all share the ability to broaden peoples momentary thought- action repertoires and build their enduring personal resources, ranging from physical and intellectual resources to social and psychological resources. -ve emotions: narrowed attention - calling to mind an urge to act in a particular way (i.e. fight or flight) +ve emotions: broadens peoples momentary thought Carry indirect and long-term adaptive benefits because broadening builds enduring personal resources, which function as reserves to be dawn on later to manage future threats Joy play, push limits, be creative Interest urge to explore, take in new info and experiences, expand self in process Contentment urge to savour current life circumstances into new view of self and the of the world Pride urge to share news of achievements + hope for more Love urges to play with, explore, and savour experiences with loved ones o Play = builds enduring physical resources and social resources; childhood play builds enduring intellectual resources by increasing levels of creativity Increase in ones personal resources function as reserves that can be drawn on in subsequent moments and in different emotional states
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