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PSY341 JULY 4, 2012 LECTURE 1 FIRST 2 PARTS ON MIDTERM WHAT DOES PATHOLOGY MEAN DISORDER, DISEASE AFTER MIDTERM ONES MOST RESEARCHED, COMMON, LECTURES ARE 3 HOURS MOST LEC SUPP WITH FILM PRESENTATION, APPLIED SEE SOME OF IT, TEXTBOOK, ABNORMAL CHILD 7E THE EVALUATION ACCEL COURSE, TWICE A WEEK, ONE MIDTERM JULY 18 , WEDNSEDAY CHAPTER 1235 IN TEXT, NO SUPP READINGS 35% FINAL GRADE COMPLETE 3 OF 5 1 PAGE ASSIGNMENTS, 5 PERCENT EACH, UNDER INSTRUCTIONS, IF NDERSDTAND QUESTION AND ANSWER INFO IN TEXT AND LECTURE OR FILM WILL RECEIVE A MINIMUM OF C TO GET HIGHER 4 UNDERSTANDING ABOVE AVERGAE TYPICALITY USE INFO FROM OUTSIDE THE COURSE AND PROVIDE REFERENCES SO CAN ADD EXTRA PAGE OF REFERENCES, 5 OUT OF 5 YOU DO HER JOB FINAL EXAM , LONGER THEN MIDTERM 12, 8 11 AND SUPP 50 PERCENT OF FINAL GRADE, NOT BE CUMMALITIVE ONLY AFTER THE MIDTERM TH TH LAST DAY ADD IS JULY 9 , 18 IS EXAM TIMETABLE DEADLINE ALL 3 AUGUST THE 13 TH ADVICE SUBMIT AT LEAST ONE THE FOLLOWING CLASS TO SEE HOW MARK ONE PAGE DOUBLE SPACE AND REFERENCES IN APA, AND CITATIONS IN APA FORMAT ADDITIONAL ADVICE, PROVIDE REFERENCE DO NOT REFERENCE TEXT SECONDARY SOURCE PART 1 START TODAY HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD, CHILDHOOD PSYCHOLOGY RELATIVIRY NEW FIELD Dsm 4 tr 10 categories of childhood psychopahology How many in first dsm 2 Sepcualtion dsm 5 next year and sig change childgood psychopatholigy Tr move words around (cynical) no new categories both compatible wording change Noncynaical more easy to understand and classified 10 not mean cant occur in adults, adults can have add, and mentak but first dignosed in childhood First two categories, mental reatardation and childhood psychosis or schizophrenia Autism, schizo, together bc other category in dsm 1 was childhood schizo meaning psychosis meaning loss of touch with reality what seeing and understanding not same as others what seems to be going on with autism living in different world, lost touch of reality not processing it Childhood schizophrenia was most part droped, bc lost of touch of reality two delusions and hallucinations imgaginiary friend normal in childhood no in adult difficult to diagnoses psychosis in childhood Add and mental retardation American ass of mental ret not use ret dsm 4 does however, technical term so will use it Conduct disorder hot topic in this area, erroroneous refered to aas juvenile delinquency law term broken law afore is psyhopathology a lot of overlap but 2 diff things Disorder s of adol and drug use One adol disorder drug bc more prevalent in adol Mood disorders depression and suicide Has office hours only by appointment only Pika eating inaproatie things, mostly spontanesouly remit Exams two of them Midterm first 4 no add readings Format is mc and sa, no essays Readings mc and sa from lect and videos, everything is fair game Midterm one half first half of class, Final longer add readings, will post on blackboard not cumalitive Written assignments, 1 page course video and outside apa only 3 Cheating use of unauthaorized aid, unfair standing explicity said or implicity understood (implied )Plagerism copying someone elses ideas not giving credit , saying or implying that this is my i
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