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Eleanor Pontoriero

Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 1- “ …Ajita Ke- Samannaphala - Ajita Kesakambalin is a ma- - a prime passage in the sakambalin… - The fruits of Con- terialist pali canon templative life they live of the - Talking about Materialist be- - It is an example of all the fruits of their lievers: no soul, no after life,opposites of buddhism crafts … no rebirth Great king, there - Shows how people are at- - opposite to buddhism -- no tached to worldly things is nothing given, consequences for actions = nothing offered nothing sacri- no need to focus on punish- - We suffer because of ficed” ment = chased pleasure these attachments - Rival philosophies are men- - Aim= to juxtapose rival tioned teachings with buddhism - The buddha uses these exam- - Aportrait of buddhist ples to explain why the ‘con- path and teaching (shows templative life each stage of teaching) - The are several different _____________________ view of how to live life -in Pali Canon - One that mimics the buddha -comprehensive portrait of Buddha’s path of = enlightenment training ________________________ -stage of training via -King Ajatasattu conversing with Buddha similes -Juxtaposes rival philo- -talking about a materialist sophical views of the -King looking for peace of time w/Buddhist thought mind -Buddhism in early Indi- -Buddha uses this story to explain the path as the ma- an context -Buddha deemed these terialist denies karma/rein- philosophies “annihila- carnation/samara tionism” -Buddha responds to this -denies idea of explaining spiritual devel- opment pleasure/attachment -8 fold path-will lead to -ultimate message-take benefit of contemplative refuge in Triple Gem life -this sutta an ex. of Bud- dha turning away from dogmatic style philoso- Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 2 - “Now this, Dham- - significant bc it comes from - fundamental Bud teach- monks, is the Noble macakkappa- 1st teaching the buddha gave ings come from here: after being enlightened = *thus - 4 nobel truth (Bud truth of .. vattana Sutta setting the wheel in motion Creed/truth claims) ->The wheel of (i.e. Buddha teachings) .. Stress Dhamma in motion - They are categories of ex- .. Origination of - 7 weeks after attaining en- perience - realities stress lightenment GOES to 5 as- cetics and teachs them and - Define the central prob of they become his first followers existence (there is suffering .. Cessation of and comes from desires) stress - These are a solution: the .. Of the way of eight fold path practice leading to - 4 truth function as a con- the cessation of ceptual framework for un- stress” derstanding other teach- ings. _____________________ ______________________ - Buddha exerting funda- -first discourse given by mental 4 noble truths Buddha after his enlighten- -defines central problems of existence-outlines suf- ment -taught to five ascetics fering & possibility for cessation whom used to practice ex- treme ascetic w/him -not dogmatic-categories -upon hearing these teach- regulated by experience ings-the 5 made up first -puts forth 8 fold path members of Sangha -developing the central framework of Buddhist thought Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 3 -“ Then, monks, 27th sutta in the - Abuddhist genesis - sets out a caste system for those beings came Digha Nikaya -- the entire buddhist tradi- - an alternate description of the tions to be based on together and lame- creation story from the rig DHAMMA nated… Aggnna Sutta vedas Criticize who ever - Dhamma is the most im- should be criti- - The Knowledge of - 2 students of the buddha ap- portant path of practice in beginnings proach to hear a talk on Dham- buddhism cized … accuse ma who ever should be accused … Coming being - Talks about the caste system and how it is flawed criticize who ever you want to criti- - The highest place in the caste cize system, given to the Khattiya_____________________ is not because of status, wea-reasserts the importance or race but bc of ones DHAM- MA of the Dhamma in every context - Due to greed wickedness arises and a leaders is needed to help control this -this passage shows how Dhamma is even attrib- uted to social division - Importance to contrast the caste system of the Brahmin (where the leader enjoys a -strikes down assumption privileged status) -> where of race or wealth factor here moral conduct is declared to be more important than lin- eage -Dhamma-best thing at ________________________ any stage in life thus ap- -explanation of creation of pointed is in rightful universe place -two of Buddha’s followers approach Buddha to hear -reasserting the centrali- talk on caste system ty of Dhamma in all as- -asserts that understanding pects of Buddhism of caste system based on race/money/wealth=flawed -says that Khattya-caste-rul- ing class are appointed in accordance of Dhamma -person who will criticize/accuse etc -giving bowl of our rice is Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 4-Now the Blessed Maha-parinib- - it is important to notes; j- shows the teachings of One spoke --> to because the buddha dies the Dharma and its un- the Venerable bana doesn't men his teachings havechanging state - - just be- - the last days of to too;. cause the world changes Ananda, saying: doesn't mean the dharma “...For that the Buddha ________________________ and the disciplines will which I have pro- claimed and made -Buddha explains to Ananda - Important to use the known as the his disciple his last exhorta-teachings to continue the Dhamma and the tion Sangha. Discipline, that -if he dies, Dhamma lives _____________________ shall be your Mas- on -Buddha transmitting ter when I am Dhamma in an unchang- gone” -Dhamma can never cease and it is revelatory always ing state -universe will continual- ly change but Dhamma remains constant -Dhamma will still guide those the middle way and enlightenment -Dhamma becomes ba- sis-triple Gem -teaching necessary to continue Sangha Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 5- “Should any Bhikkhu Pa- - 1st of 4 rules entailing expul- - in general buddhist need sion from the sangha (commu- structured rules that they bhikkhu … timokkha nity) need to follow in order to Engage in sexual - the code of dis- - The bhikku live under the gain enlightenment framework of these vinaya - For those in monastic rul- intercourse” cipline texts ing these rules are - The basic rules are the Pa- timokkha _____________________ - Their aim to live a peaceful -general rules of Bud- and mediative life to reach nirdhism-not attaching one- vana self _______________________ -sexual attachment obsta- -one of the 4 major rules of cle for enlightenment Parajika resulting in perma- -goal for any Bhikku nent expulsion -“surrendering to own -disrobed cast out of Sangha mental defile-ments” -sex intercourse mouth or -breaking rule defeats otherwise –regardless of purpose of role played becoming ordained -Code of discipline meant to further bhikkus from temptation of out- side world -detachment is ultimate goal for Bhikkhu –break- ing rule is going against 4 noble truths Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 6- “Venerable Cullavagga - Focus on females becoming a -significant point to be- Ananda said --> to - Tenth Chanukah part of the spiritual world ginning of allowance of the blessed one… - On the Duties of - Indicates the struggle of Bhikkhunis women booming nuns nuns -how nuns came to enter ______________________ -conversation between spiritual life -open possibility to fe- Ananda and Buddha on fe- male enlightenment males being vererated -sets out duties that -women had not been seen would be required of fe- fit for role as nun males -questioning if women -outlines the “woman” as should experience homeless versatile-however, still state -Ananda asserting the po- under the gender hierar- chy of monks tential of women to fill more than domestic role -Buddha puts forth 8-Chief rules-they mark initiation but display inequality 7- “And further, Satiphatthana -monk reflects the repul- -in broader sense, mind- monks, a monk re- Sutta flects on this very - The Foundations siveness of the body in or- fulness is imperative to body enveloped by of Mindfulness der to practice mindfulness attain enlightenment -teaches followers of Dham- -necessary for path to the skin … and from the top of the ma to live mindful nirvana head hairs down … -when one attaches oneself -part of eight fold path- hair of the body, to an object we have to be right mindfulness nails, teeth, skin” mindful of what it is a part -also aids in of ultimately to shun us realizing/follow four no- from attachment ble truths-helps to divert -meditate in order to feel re- attention to attachment pulse-and ultimately devel- -essentially mindfulness op insight (visipanna medi- aids in overcoming suf- tation)-one of four sutta four fering helping one to be foundations of mindfulness enlightened Line Name Significance in Text Significance in Bud 8- This very [world] - mahayana buddhism: - vasubandhu is responsible Vimsatika-20 - Reality is consciousness only for the doc of conscious- [is] perception-only Verses of Va- because of the ap- - Mind (citta) ness only pearance of subandhu - Thought (Manas) - Consciousness is the last objects that are - Conscienousness (chit) thing to disappear before - Perception (pratyaksa) death and the first to in re- non-existent birth - Mind + only = mental states - Yogacara school teaches: + deny existence of objects of - What we perceive is just consciousness an appearance -- mind alone is truly real - We see this outside us (non- - Madhyamaka school mental) but they dont exists --teaches: emptiness - con- no different from people who sciousness itself is only have vision disorders thing not empty - Things are ‘not there’ _____________________ -Vasubandu & Asanga are responsible for doctrine ________________________ “Consciousness/Mind -associated with ideals of only” Mahayana philosophy and -belief stemmed from non- “consciousness only” existence of self and fluctu- -denies the existence of ob- ations of consciousness- jects external to conscious- BECAME-a clearer under- ness standing of the continuity -outlines the nature of ap- of Consciousness- pearance as a false reality HENCE-“ONLY CON- -“disorder” of eyes to em- SCIOUSNESS” phasize the false perception -consciousness-last factor to disappear b4 death, first to reappear at re-birth with memories of cumulative action attached -emphasizes that any other object will dissipate thus it is all appearance -consciousness cannot be inhere
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