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University of Toronto St. George

RLG100 NOTES FROM SEPTEMBER 24 2012 LECTURE: JUDAISM As long as there is an Israel there is a covenant with God How to act? Identified in the Mishnah To Moses one book was released (Torah) and a spoken way was also told In 70 C.E. the Rabbi’s collected these spoken tales and wrote into the Mishnah Sinai: Bible/ Mishnah The teaching of Judaism The “digest of law” Rabbi  holy men that studied the Mishnah  initial statement Mishnah: Understood the sanctity of the world through the world order: the world has a plan Everything has an order/name  there is an ideal way to live Humanity is the center of the world  each person can have a covenant with God  if you do good you sanctify the world but id you do bad (unholiness) you desecrate Human will be expressed through human action is the power in the world thus the Mishnah formulated that will/deeds will constitute as what creates the movement in the world which will lead to the world sanctify or desecrate What can man do? Man is the master of the world through his/her will/deed  Israel is the people/land/food/mode of way of life thus don’t need sacrifice  atonement to sanctify Theory of Rabbinic Judaism (RJ): Believes in one God who is unique/loving/just (ethical monotheism) 1. God formed creation according to a plan Torah reveals such that Israles evacuation is part of the plan so t
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