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Exam Study Guide - Terms

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David Perley

Exam Study Guide Aamir Hajeeyani Apocalypse:  Jesus said apocalypse would lead to new era of peace and righteousness  Complete destruction of the world  Described in revelation of John Diaspora:  Judaism had to find new ways of understanding and explaining itself  Hebrew bible  Translated into Greek Menorah:  Seven branched candlestick  Used in synagogues  Symbol of Jewish sovereignty and culture from destruction of Jerusalem temple  Official symbol of Israel today Passover:  Festival come sin spring  Spring cleaning  Signifies when mosses led Israelites out of slavery from Egypt and to the promise land  Gave them freedom  Celebrated at home with family and meal called Seder Tanakh:  Jews name for the bible  Comprises of all three parts  Acronym formed from initial Hebrew letters  Miqra is sometimes alternative word “that which is read” Pentecost:  Feast of weeks  Celebrates the giving of the law of Sinai  Also commemorates the descent of holy spirits  Eastern church also refers to Pentecost as 50 days after easter Canon  Priest or minister  Member of Christian clergy  Order shis life to the rules of the church th  This way of life was common in the 8 century  These people were now knows as Augustans Logos  Christ is the logos (reason)  From the gospel of john  Word is used for logos in the gospel Bar Mitzvah  Jewish coming of age rituals  Bar means son Bat means girl  Mitzvah is commandment or law  When Jewish boys turn 13 they become accountable for their actions under Jewish law  Before this age parents are responsible Pentateuch  The five books of mosses  Part of what child reads at bar mitzvah  These books were given to mosses by god orally and in text  Some of them at mount Sinai  Teachings were recorded by Mosses Tefillin  Black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment from torah  Worn by observant Jews in morning prayer  Serves as sign that god brought the children of Israel out of Egypt Glossolalia  Part of sacred language  Speaking in tongues Nicene Creed  Profession of faith  Used in Christian liturgy  From city of Nicene in turkey  Formed the definition of Christianity itself here Puritanism  Significant group of English protestants  Were blocked form changing the church  Felt church of England was too tolerant  Wanted to purify the church of England  Was not a denomination in it self Transubstantiation  In roman catholic theology  Describes change from bread and wine to body and blood of Christ  It has been transubstantiated from gods power Isnad  Hadith transmission  Hadiths were quoted by companions of Muhammad so they transmitted the hadiths Atman  Means self  Found in rig veda  Means soul in Buddhism and Jainism Mishnah  First major written reaction of oral torah  Judaism  Written by rabbi  When persecution of Jews was happe
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