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Andre Maintenay

ISLAM REVIEW • Lineage of prophets after Muhammad (splitting of two tribes) o Differences/Similarities o Iman – compare definitions of each tribe • Qur’an o Sacred text of Muslim tradition o Given to Muhammad by God through multiple revelations o Believed to be the direct word of God o Alone when he receives it from Angel Gabriel o Oral translation (Muhammad is illiterate) o Written in Arabic – not considered to be word of God if not in Arabic • Hadith o 6 cannonical books (page 212 in textbook) o Story of Muhammad’s life that guide’s Muslims in the way they should live their life (that is not written in the Qur’an) o It is an eye-witness account of the way Muhammad lived o Provides structure for society; live life like Muhammad • Different schools of law o What will bring you reward/punishments; which acts are lawful/obligatory, commendable, neutral, reprehensible, unlawful/forbidden  give examples of ranges • Hejira (622 BCE) o Muhammad leaves Mecca to Medina o Islam flourishes o Start of Mu
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