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RLG100/280 Exam Key Terms Review

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Andre Maintenay

cf¯c ť WW^_ SYSZVS`S _WU` [Z[X`W SSTS^S`SW\ U^WU[aZ` ZYSU[ZbW^_S` [ZTW`cWWZ^ _ZSSZV `WcS^^ [^^aZS Zc U^ _ZSW\S Z_`WZS` [Z[X[VSZV`WaSZ_[a S^S U` [ZY[[VSZVTSVS_ ` _TW WbWV`[VW`W^ ZWW]aS `[X^WT ^` ZXa`a^W bW_ STTZUaVS_ WX[^[XaVS _`S`TWUSW[_`c VWSUUW\`WVX^[`W_WU[ZVUWZ`a^ [Z"`W_\[a_W_bS^ [a_`WSU ZY_[X`W^STT _#$S_`W^_%[^$Y^WS`[ZW_%&[^ S'S #$_SYW_%&S_T ZV ZYX[^Wc _`[aY`SZV\^SU` UWSTT Z UaVS _ S^'_TSU'`[`WWS^ W^ S^ _S UaVS _* 'W`W S^ _WW_`W^STT Z UWc_ SUUW\``WbS V `[X[^S`^SV ` [ZTW WX_ ZSZYW_SZV_\ ^ `_SZV`W^W_a^^WU` [Z [X`WVWSV _S [Z, [WZUW ZS Z _ bW S^_[X_S ŵ SSVSW^W _Z[[VTa`[V aSSV _`W W__WZYW^[X[V Ŷ SS`S \^SW^X bW` W_SVS`[cS^VWUUS ŷ 2S'S`_Y b ZYŶŹ4[X ZU[W`[`W\[[^ Ÿ S_` ZYa^ ZYSSVSZ Ź 7S Y^ SYW`[ WUUS[ZUWVa^ ZY XW` W \SZ_SV_ [_[\ US`W`_ Z`WX[^[X^W\[^`WVU[ZbW^_S` [Z_[Z`W`W[^[X`WWV U ^ `aSSZV`WZS`a^W[X'Z[cWVYW O $ `` ZYc ``WSUW^% O W\^W_WZ``WTWY ZZ ZY[X7 ZVa\ [_[\ US`[aY``[aZ X 'Z[cWVYW[^ YW^c _V[ [V_S``bS "ZW^SbSVSSTW ZYc[ _[Z`WcS`[WZ Y`WZWZ`[^aVVS[[VTa`S_ Z[`W`SU WbWV `* Z SSSZSSUWW_` STW ZYc[X[^Y[W_Z ^bSZS Z[^VW^`[ _SbW[`W^_ a^a^SZ`ST W '` `W[X^W_\WU`X[^V ^SZ``WU[WU` [Z[X_`S` '_^WbW^WS_ `WSa`[^ `S` bW_U^ \`a^WSZV`W_aUUW__[^`[`WŵŴa^a_ [^S c[^VWSZ ZY:`WSU ZY;[^: Z_`^aU` [Z;*S\\ WV[_`_\WU X US`[`WSc[X [_W_#`W WZ`S`WaU&Ta`SS_[^WXW^`[`WWZ` ^W_U^ \`a^W ZUaV ZY U[WZ`S^ W_SZVWbWZ`WWZ` ^W_\ ^ `aS`^a_`[XWc _^W Y [Z [_S < TW^S` [ZX^[`WUUW[XT ^`SZVVWS`*[ZW[X`W`^WWUS__ US _ Z XW S[ WcS`[`^a`= Ÿ[TW^a`_ ŵaXXW^ ZYV[W_W _` ŶaXXW^ ZYS^ _W_X^[S``SUWZ``[VW_ ^W_ ŷaXXW^ ZYUWS_W_cWZS``SUWZ``[VW_ ^WUWS_W_ Ÿ ^WWV[X^[_aXXW^ ZY _\[__ TWT\^SU` U ZY`W Y`X[V S` WZ ZW[X`W`^WWS Z\^ ZU \S_[X[ZXaU SZ _7:2,3030884;041104 203 9 0.0397,;79:041431:.,382,3/9 0248925479,39. ,7,.90789.419 0 /0,2,3%44-9,3034:2:8970850.99 01;0573.5,70,9438 58 Sa ZW[X`W[_` ZXaWZ` SWS^^ _` SZ __ [ZS^ W_c ` _c^ ` ZY_X[^ ZYS U[Z_ VW^STW\[^` [Z[X`WWcW_`SWZ`7 _ ZXaWZUW[Z^ _` SZ` Z' ZYS_ TWWZ[Xa`[_`_ YZ X USZUWVaW`[ _^[WS_S\^[ ZWZ`S\[_`W[X^ _` SZ ` Va^ ZY`W_\^WSV ZY[X`W[_\W`^[aYWS^^ _` SZU[aZ ` W_SU^[__`W [SZ\ ^W S^_[X[ZV`[ZWV$_`WZUW aVV _*`^WWUS^SU`W^ _` U_S^WVTSU[ZV ` [ZWV` ZY_* \W^SZWZUW #SZ UUS&*_aXXW^ ZY[^aZ_S` _XSU`[^ ZW__#Va''S&*Z[Z,_WX#SZS``>& b^``% ^Sb^`` c[V ^WU` [Z_[^ XW\S`_ Z7 ZVa _ Z`W ^Sb^``\S`cWU[Z_`SZ`W\W^ WZUW_aXXW^ ZY _aZVW^_`SZV ZY_ V _S\\[ Z`WZ`USZYW_SZV\S Z [TW[Z`W\S`[Xb^``WSZ_`S`cWSbWSUU[\ _WV[a^`S_'_[^XaX WV [a^VW_ ^W_SZVSbWVW TW^S`WU[_WZS XW[X\WSUWSZV]a W` [bWZSZ` 84023,70020399403,03477017,31742,850.10/,.94398.4224314:3/3 704:8.4390980709701078948,.70/,70020398-090034/,3/:2,3-038 âS_V_ T^SZU[X^`[V[aVS _`S`\^[[`W__\ ^ `aS `SZV[`^[aY`W \[\aS^ _S` [ZSZV Z`W^ZS _S` [Z[XWc __` U _S_`WXaZVSWZ`SS_\WU`_ [X`WWc _XS ` SU^SWZ`_ ^ `aSSU` [Z_WWZS__ YZ X ZYV b ZWY^SUWW[_`c VWSUUW\`WV_SU^SWZ`_ S^WTS\` _SZV`WaUS^ _`S`[aY`WS`[ UUa^U^WU[YZ ?W_X bW[`W^_ S^` Z
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