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Textbook notes for Test 2-Christianity

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Andre Maintenay

World Religion Test 2 Textbook Study Notes: GospelsNew Testament describes words and life of Jesus Z7L990370202-7,3.0841-08:8Z478,3008 recorded some years after his death by those who believed in him difficult to establish the historical accuracy of the New Testament about Jesus (words) Gospels are like paintings of Jesus, not photographs Jesus believed and trusted in god, just like Jews Jesus believe God = created and sustainer of universe Jesus thought of God as his father -08:80[9702ely special relationship with God = central to Christianity Jesus raised as a Jew Jesus accepted scared authority the Law and the Prophets (the Torah and the books of history and prophecy) Young Jesus learned the Jewish scriptures in Hebrew Young Jesus was a very devout and thoughtful Jew Jesus independence of thought, own opinions Jesus LOVE Jesus appreciation for nature Jesus celibacy influential to future generations (nuns, monks, priests etc.) still exists in several branches of Christianity today Jesus not close with family, but after death, disharmony died down 2 Great Commandments: teachings of Jesus (laws of LOVE) 1) a love for God 2) an ethical kindness toward others - Love god and love your neighbour already existed in Hebrew scripture - Kingdom of God: o People care about each other o Poor looked after o Violence and exploitation abandoned o Religious rules do not overlook human needs - Baptizing purification Jesus carried practice after John the Baptists death o John the Baptist preached that end of world was near Apocalypticism The book of Acts (Apostles) - ,1907-08:8,8.038L4394K0,;031479,814OO4ZL3JKL8708:770.9L43KL814OO4Z078J,9K0701:OO4110,7349 knowing what to do next - Spirit of God form of fire, gave them courage to spread their belief in Jesus, the Messiah - Christian belief that the spread of the Christian message was guided by god - BIRTHDAY OF THE CHURCH first preaching of the Christian message - APOSTLE (12 disciples of Jesus Christ)PETER - early Christian message God is now working in special Z,8-08:8Z,89K00[50.90088L,K*48,2-,88,47,334:3.01L3,O,8-01470*48M:J2039,3 the coming of a new world - Baptism = sign of rebirth, share possessions, care for widows and orphans -,208 -08:8-749her) a.k.a. Just leader of the early Christian group who remained in Jerusalem almost entirely Jewish - great authority - Jewish-Christian Church = strong influence for the first 40 years o Weakened by the destruction of the Temple in 70CE o Disappeared over the next 100 years o Instead, the non-Jewish, Greek-speaking branch of Christianity, led by Paul (and others) began to spread throughout the Roman Empire The New Testament: 4 parts: 1) Gospels describe the life and teachings of Jesus; Mark, Matthew, Luke, John = Evangelists 2) Acts of Apostles (book of Acts)
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