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Protestant Reformation, Christian Denominations

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

Protestant Reformation, Christian Denominations Reading: Ch. 3 The Christian Tradition, pp. 175-197 November 1 , 2010. Relationships between monasteries and churches functioned as wing of the church for people interested in a particular location and later on they would have a much more sinister kind of function, e.g. major monostatic was given position of conducting the inquiries into people faithbeliefs and disciplining people accordinglytorture and death Veneration of saintsrelics Over the centuries, church developed criteria for sainthood and a chronicle list of saints th German bishop in end of 10 century Saints functioned as a heavenly senate or society, which served various functions Each saint was associated with a virtue and was empowered to bestow blessings on individuals Practice of venerating saints and of engaging in ritual act associated with the veneration of saints, e.g. pilgrimage, these were practices that were extraordinarily common in middle ages and represent one major facet of Christian practice in the middle ages In early church, people grew close to saints and so it became customary to have the their bodies th End of 8 century, it became mandatory to have some s
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