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Compilation of past exam question: Notebook form: Divided into the appropriate past forma. (in progress with the answers) But a good guide to fill in yourself.

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Andre Maintenay

Part 1: Terms 5% each, 40% total 01:45 **Upanishads The philosophical and most recently composed portion of the 4 Vedas- the sacred texts of the Hindu tradition. The term Upanishad translates to sitting near and refers to a period of intellectual and philosophical inquiry that developed following the earlier Vedic period. In contrast to the predominantly ritual and sacrifice based texts of the earlier vedas, the Upanishads reflect a shift in focus towards a focus on aquiring a higher knowledge and the quest for Enlightenment. It exists predominantly in the form of conversations that take place between two people, most often a teacher and his student. These conversations address many questions of life especially reguarding the relationship between god (Brahman) and the self (atman). **Bodhisattva *Guru Granth Sahib (Adi Granth on TT3) *Paul An early convert to the christian religion, as a result of an aparent personal encounter with the post-resurected Jesus. While not one of the original 12 deciples of jesus (aposles), Paul is believed to have played a major role in the early development the christian tradition, as he traveled around the Eastern mediteranian spreading the teaching of christ, and converted many people. While traveling he maintained communication with the early christian comunities through letters, which today represent the ealiest christina literature. In his letters, he is said to have reffered to himself as the apostle of the gentiles), as he stressed the excepance of Jews and Non-jews alike as coverts. He rejecting the need to convert to Judaism, or follow the many laws associated with the tradition, in order to attain salvation. Instead claimed that faith in jesus alone was all that was necisary. He was later executed by the romans, as he was considered a threat to their political power. -Originally persecuted Nazarenes untill his conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Nazarenes early followers of jesus. **Sacrements *Martin Luther *Shariah **Hijrah * **Upanishads
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