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RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONSCharacteristics of the Protestant Revolution contdBecause there are no priests in Protestant theology every Christian becomes priestly in a mannerThe idea that the church is made up of its members not a hierarchy of PopePriest etc o The rise of the middle class Bourgeoisie meant that people could have education and be able to reado The Vulgate of the people languages became more prominent because Luther translated the Bible into German which was then translated into English etc This made religion accessible o Every Christian man and woman has a dignity in the eyes of God as a priest o Protestant Church has a minister that is elected but he does not have any more power than anyone else In Catholicism priests are consecrated and are more than just normal people o The laity everyone is equal Worship is radically transformedo Catholicism has the priest involved in most steps In Protestantism since everyone is priestly the Sermon highlight of the mass becomes the focus and preaching of scripture as well as opposed to the Eucharist in Catholicism o Hymns and singing become fundamentalo Hat
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