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Chinese Religions Terms and Definitions exam 2011 review

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Andre Maintenay

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Chinese Religion Terms and Definitions 1. Tao- way , way that things work in causal constructions, way that heaven works, way that interactions between heaven and earth emerge. Human interaction mirrors larger causal relationships (heavenearth). The Tao is significant to Confucianism because it offers explanation to how life of earth functions. It also offers examples for how human relations can be in harmony, and that can be achieved by mirroring the relationship with heaven and earth. It is a core foundational principle in the religion. It shows the basic nature of the religion, it is one that is in harmony with nature and promotes peace because it emphasizes the functioning of things in an orderly manner. 2. Wu-wei- It means inaction in action, in other words to act without acting. The belief is that a person can accomplish great things know things without organised actions. A person does not have to be aggressive to be happy, rather they can live in harmony with nature by going along with it. This concept if significant because it shows the application of YIN qualities. These qualities involve harmony with nature and non aggressiveness. It is also significant because it demonstrates the core principles of Confucianism emphasizing the importance of harmony with nature
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