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Matthew King

SOC 102 Exam Practice Questions Lecture9 (1) Which of the following arguments addresses the role of inequality in the occurrence and extension of wars? a. Evolutionary Theory b. Psychological Theory c. Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis d. Malthusian Theory e. Young Men Theory (2) According to your lectures, what other factors apart from frustration lead to political violence? a. culture b. ideology c. leadership d. resources e. all of the above (3) Rebellions are less likely when: a) There is a high level of relative inequality but a low degree of absolute inequality b) The change in expectations is above the actual change in well-being c) Old ways and inequality seem permanent. d) A and B e) B and C (4) Horizontal inequalities are linked to political violence if they are: a. Occurring in less developed countries b. Mixed with social division c. Mixed with class formation d. Mixed with exclusionary practices e. All of the above (5) There are various causes to the outbreak of war and civil violence in less ‘developed’ nations. According to Frances Stewart, which of the following hypotheses is correct? a. Private Motivation Hypothesis –looks at individiuals b. Failure of the social contract –support until failure to provide desired thing c. Green war hypothesis d. Group motivation hypothesis e. None of the above (6) The strong link between failed states and high levels of inequality on the Gini Index: a. Is spurious SOC 102 Exam Practice Questions b. Proves the role of the state in limiting inequality –know Gini Index in and out c. Has changed over time d. a and c e. b and c (7) Which of the following are aspects of the link between ethnicity and civil unrest or mobilization? a) Ethnicity as a means to identify with a cause b) Community bonds used to control followers c) Community bonds used to maximize recruitment d) Shared group language used for communication e) All of the above (8) According to Lipset and Rokkan, the creation and maintenance of social cleavages must meet which of the following conditions? (cross-cutting cleavages) a. People on one side of a social divide must be aware of a characteristic that unites them b. People on one side of a social divide must be willing to take action in support of their social group c. People on one side of a social divide must receive support from group or community organizations d. All of the above e. None of the above (9) Which of the following explains the fact that some diverse, unequal societies don’t descend into civil war? a. Social Cleavage –social cleavages in general (mix of advantages and disadvantages—i.e. high income low status—reduce ingroup identification and enhance out-group identification) b. Cross-Cuttingness –communication b/w groups c. Fractionalization d. Ethnic Polarization e. A and B (10) Which of the following factors increase cross-cuttingness? a. Lowering educational opportunities b. Increasing social mobility c. Outlawing intermarriage d. Ignoring discrimination e. Letting the private sector decide best hiring practices QS Ch 18: What Is Sovereignty for Indigenous People? (11) The post-Confederation treaties with First Nations provide a way to understand: SOC 102 Exam Practice Questions (a)the laws of First Nations (b)The governance structures of First Nations (c)That diversity is everywhere within first nations (d)That change is constant (e) All of the above (12) Which of the following is true about the way of life of Aboriginal persons in the prairies prior to contact with the Europeans? (a)they were nomadic (b)They were hunters and gatherers (c)They were simple agriculturalists (d)They were inferior to settlers (e) They lived in complex, sophisticated societies QS Ch 19: What is Sovereignty in Quebec? (13) Which of the following is an argument against Quebec’s independence? (a)the political, economic, and cultural domination of anglophone elites (b)The ongoing lack of recognition of Quebec society’s uniqueness (c)The conquest of 1760 and the subsequent repression of various uprisings (d) The possibility of going against the trend for greater diversity and pluralism (e)The need to defend Quebec’s distinctive culture and identity (14) Fill in the blanks: Quebec’s quest for independence simply follows a global process that has seen the world divided into more or less clearly defined cultural units (i.e., _________) endowed with their own sovereign political institutions (i.e., ________). (a) nations, states (b)Colonies, empires (c)States, nations (d)Nations, empires (e)Empires, colonies QS ch 21: How do Migrants Become Canadian Citizens? (15) The critical philosopher and historian Michel Foucault coined the term governmentality. For him, governance refers to: (a)any attempt to control or manage any known object (b)The conduct of conduct (c)How human behaviour or action is directed or guided (d)B and C (e) All of the above Lecture10 (16) Why does extreme inequality persist? SOC 102 Exam Practice Questions (a)People have an inequality instinct (b)Some people benefit from the existing system of inequality (c)Many people have been led to believe that the extent of inequality that exists today is natural and inevitable (d)A and B (e) B and C (17) Which of the following represent popular ways of looking at the causes of poverty? (a)blaming internal causes, such as laziness, addiction, or lack of intelligence (b)blaming external causes, like social policy, discrimination, or low wages (c)Blaming bad luck or fate (d)Blaming the victims (e) All of the above (18) Compared to Americans, Canadians: (a)are more likely to believe that external social factors play a larger role in creating poverty than internal factors or fate (b)maintain a greater concern for justice in the face of economic inequality (c)Are more likely to attribute poverty to external causes (d)Are more likely to shift the blame for poverty from people to social structures and processes (e) All of the above (19) How are different beliefs about blame and personal responsibility reflected in the proportion of taxes paid in different countries? (a)Victim-blaming countries tax rich people at a lower rate (b)Countries that make external attributions for poverty tax at higher levels (c)Victim-blaming countries are less likely to have high taxes (d) A and C (e)All of the above (20) Which of the following does NOT represent patterns of social differentiation?*** (a)narratives of blame (b) Narratives of resistance (c)Practices of oppression (d)Narratives of validation (e)Strategies of resistance Test1q’s (21) According to Marx, what necessary transformation needs to occur for the working class to become capable of mobilizing together and challenging the capitalist order? SOC 102 Exam Practice Questions a) Disbandment of unions b) To become a class for itself c) To become a class in
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