RLG 200 Final Exam Question 2 and 3

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Thomas Mc Intire

Religion 200 Exam Question 2 During the course we became aware of the importance of Christianity in relation to the past and current history of the field we call the study of religion For this question making use of the four components of the course describe and account for the role and the changes of the role of Christianity and Christians in the emergence the development the shape the character and the future of the field we call the study of religion LecturesRole of Christianity in the study of religionShapeIn the past the idea of religion and secular is very different than what it is todayIn the past the religious sector was composed of things ran by the churchcertain monastic orders and hospitalsThe secular simply meantwas composed of everything alive in the world over a long period of timeIMPORTANT Both the secular and religious sphere were religiousThey were Christian Meaning of religion in the pastConsisted of Christians who took a vow among the religious orderThis vow consisted of chastity poverty and obedience Role of Christianity in the study of religion was very dominate Very Christian influenceCame out of 3 different countries Germany France EnglandMostly the thinkers were all Christian example Descartes HegelChange of Role in Christianity thth Result of the European Enlightenment in the 1718 centurySecular came to mean nonreligiousseparation of religious and secularProject PaperChanges of Christians in the influenceIn the past religious Christians consisted of those who took a vow among the religious orderThis vow consistedof poverty chastity and obedienceToday According to people in my Project Paper the meaning of religion consists of a personal relationship with Jesus ChristHOWEVER The role of religion in the past and present to these people can be seen as very similarThat is because religion is in every part of these peoples livesTrue among the people who selfidentify as religious and live out their lives in a religious order
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