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Question 2 Possible Thesis – All this information basically demonstrates that in the beginning Christianity was the primary method of religious study. Throughout the course of history it can be seen that the study of religion has become more inclusive of other methodologies in relation to observing things that aren’t Christian. Change Lecture – In the beginning, religion was everything, it even encompassed secular life – from a Christian approach. Reading – Enforces the notion that secular and religious terms had Christian meanings attached to them. As a result of the European enlightenment the definition of religion in relation to Christianity underwent a major change. This change involved, the post Christian dichotomy as religious and non-religious – the secular turning from religious to non-religious. (also from lecture) Emergence/Development Before Christianity the norm of society was polytheism and idolatrous. When Christianity came to be the dominant religious power, polytheism was seen as profane and monotheism was seen as sac
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