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RlG241 Final Exam Question 6! (Real Question)

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RlG241 Final Exam 6 How do the Pastoral Epistles differ from the Acts of Paul and Thecla on the topics of the acceptable roles of women the values and criteria for true belief and asceticismHow Roman marriage used to function Cum manu marriage verses sine manu marriageIn cum manu marriage a women was under the authority of her husbandHusband was her Patria Potestas powerauthority of a male headIn sine manu marriage women still remained under the authority of her fatherWomen had more power in this type of marriage as if her father died she became sui iuris able to own propertyPreference for sine manu marriage because 30 year old women only 25 chance father still aliveLaw of Augustus lus trium liberormn law of 3 free births women who has had 3 or 4 children are exempt from being under guardianshipall women not just free Roman womenShould also mention that the Acts of Paul and Thecla differ from The Pastoral Letters because the Pastoral Letters are not written by PaulProofLack of attestation in canon of Marcion before 144Lacking P46 earliest Pauline CanonLanguage and style is unPaulineHistorical situation cant be reconciled with Paul sexual ascetism not in Pastoral lettersPastoral Letters differ from the Acts of Paul and TheclaReason 1 Nature of sexThe Acts of Paul and Thecla uphold celibacy as a highest value Thecla is repeatedly praised by Paul for practicing celibacyWomen could be saved by living chaste liv
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