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David Pearley

THEMES Language oral and written texts revelation interpretation and codification divine language and its perceived difference from human uses of language language and creation the power of words etc Social roles of importance distinctions between social roles rabbi mullah priest Pope Bishop Brahmin monk caliphs imams versus sacred roles prophets buddhas ideal human beings junxi messiahs bodhisattvas Shia Imams connections between social roles and religious authority ALSO find examples that belong in both categorieshow are these roles different from purely social or purely sacred roles identity formation and the concept of traditionreflect on the idea that every religion has a motherie every religion both participates in the identity of other traditions while also being a different person Try to think of the best examples of religious traditions in our course that best express the idea of tradition as both a connection to and departure from previous traditions 1 Human Nature 2 Nature or Natural World 3 Divine World spiritual reality How do each of the religions that weve reviewed articulate the relations between these three abstract ideasTERMS Final ExamBar Mitzvah Ritual that marks the coming of age of thirteenyearolds similar to confirmation in ChristianityPentateuch The first five books of the Hebrew bible ascribed by tradition to Moses but regarded by modern scholars as the product of several centuries of later literary activity aka different authors based on the document hypothesis Different from vedas in hindsuism because it its content it is not attributed by humanstefillinTraditional plrayer garb worn by men on weekdays Two small black boxes that hold passages from scripture Contains verses from the torah in a form of remembrance of the exodus when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt It is the talmud interpretation of the oral tradition or mishnah and not the Torah that specifies how the tefillin should be wornglossolaliaExotic prayer language speaking in tongue It is representative of the pentecost the fiftieth day after easter when the holy spirit appeared to Jesuss disciples the pentecostal tradition is known for this expression of devotion and it is attributed to being in a sort of frenzyNicene Creedit is a profession of faith established in the first ecumenical Council of Nicaea The importance of the Nicene creed is that it has been adopted by various christian traditions and what it professes determines that God his son and the Holy spirit are of one same substance and not 3 separate from each other It is related to transubstantiation where it is a common belief that the bread and wine of the eucharist become the blood and body of christPuritanisma denomination in itself but a movement in English and colonial American Protestant churches that flourished from the sixteenth to the midseventeenth centurytransubstantiationCelebration of the eucharist where the bread and wine offered at a mass is believed to become the actual body and blood of Christ The idea of transubstantiation was established through the Council of Nicea where it was determined that the holy trinity is in substance and not separate from one another isnadIn order to be considered a Hadith saying of a prophet the text must be accompanied by the chain of transmission this proves to be a way to determine
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