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2 Apr 2014

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Apocalypse: it is important to look at apocalyptic tradition and as the adjective not as apocalypse. It generally means unveiling, revealing, the book of daniel, it emphases visions of things or a vision of a message. When a candidate they disapproved of was appointed high priest, they left jerusalem and retired to the desert. There, they establish a center of priestly purity in preparation for what they believed to be the coming apocalypse: the final battle between the forces of darkness and light at the end of time. As well, a genre of jewish literature that emerged in the later prophetic books (2nd century bce) and flourished in the hellenistic era, continuing even into the byzantine period of the first several centuries ce, is termed. Apocalyptic", from the greek for unveiling" (the latin equivalent is revelation"). Most apocalyptic literature is eschatological in nature and visionary in presentation.

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