RLG100Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Yajna, Naturism, Rigveda

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4 Apr 2014

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Essential characteristics of the indic worldview: anadi (without beginning): reflects the indic conception of the universe beings forever without an end. Therefore, there was never a time where the universe didn"t exist. This notion see"s the soul of the human to be reincarnated and always there without a beginning where material will transfer to different forms. God did not create the universe, its elements are to persist and exist: kala (time): as there is no beginning and no end, time has no beginning and no end. Jainsism has a yuga cycle where the universe is created, destroyed, and decays. Hinduism is like a circle as it is a cycle of billions of years. This cycle is indefinite, as time has no creation, it is eternal/repeats: four phases of yuga, krata: human beings live long lives and they"re morally upright. We can hear the veda in this time since we"re perfect.

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