RLG100Y1 Study Guide - Gautama Buddha, Dharma, Parinirvana

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The buddhist tradition: buddhism has 3 main traditions or vehicles", all of which originated in india, theravada (a. k. a. Buddhism from the non-brahmin ascetic tradition: religious training camps emerged- they were the forerunners of buddhist monasteries. Students (all men) were required to take a vow of celibacy. Departed the world", took vows of celibacy and poverty and became shramanas (disciples): apart from the creator god brahma, and the storm god indra, deities played a small role in life of the shramanas. Students were expected to develop through their own efforts. The spiritual master shows the path, but the disciples must walk it themselves: among the students who made their way to the ganges was one named siddhartha gautama- he would become known as shakyamuni and the buddha. The 1st gem: the buddha: the buddhist view of the cosmos is that universes arise and pass away in endless succession. Within each universe, various eras come and go.

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