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16 Feb 2011

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Aggadah: anecdotal or narrative material in the talmud; see also hallakha. Apocalypse: from the greek for unveiling (the latin equivalent is revelation); the final battle between the forces of darkness and light expected at the end of time. Jews of northern and eastern europe, as distinguished from the mediterranean. Son of the commandments ; the title given to a thirteen year old boy when he is initiated into adult ritual responsibilities; some branches of judaism also celebrate a bat mitzvah for girls. Hebrew term for covenant, the special relationship between god and the jewish people. Cantor: the liturgical specialist who leads the musical chants in synagogue services. Dispersal , the jewish world outside the land of ancient israel; it began with the. Babylonian exile, from which not all jews returned. Hebrew thought as marking the birth of the israelite nation. Gaon: title of a senior rabbinical authority in mesopotamia under persian and muslim rule.

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