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Textbook Notes for Test 2-Islam

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Andre Maintenay
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Islam Æ Textbook Notes:
2) marks the start of the Islamic community
- 1st Islamic mosque ± Yathrib
- Yathrib = Medina
- 3 most sacred cities of Islam = Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina
- 630 ± victorious ± Muhammad took control of Mecca (goal was to convert
o destroyed all images in the Kabah
o institutionalize his religious ideals
- took over Arabia ± planned on Syria but died
- 632 ± Died in Yathrib
- Muhammad = ideal human being; model for all believers
- 5 pillars ± Islam practices
- shape the tradition of Islam
- method of identifying those with an Islamic background and those without
- shows devotion to God
- Shahadah ± Creed ± 1st thing recited to newborns, the first sentence is written
everywhere in the dome ceilings and doors of mosques ³WKHUHLVQR*RGEXW
- Salat ± prayer ± 5 times a day ± devotion to god ± means of communication with
the divine
- Sawn ± Fasting during the Ramadan ± purpose: discipline oneself, develop
sympathy for the poor and hungry, give other what one would have eaten
o Important bond that unites Muslims during the period of shared fasting
known as Ramadan
- Hajj ± Pilgrimage to Mecca ± fulfilling religious commands, rewards
o Brings people together
o Allows for travel experience
o Unity
o Powerful symbol of an interior journey to the spiritual goals of new
understanding and personal transformation
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