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9 Apr 2012

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RLG Quiz #3: Judaism/Christianity
Apocalypse: unveiling/revelation; the final battle between the forces of darkness and light ex-
pected at the end of time; apocalyptic literature flourished in the Hellenistic era
*In contrast, apocalypse in Christianity is a cataclysmic event marking the transition from one
era to another (described in the last book of the New Testament)
Berith: Hebrew word for covenant/special relationship between God and the Jewish people/like a
*Relates to the Ark of the Covenant, which was placed inside a Tabernacle (mobile temple)
which contains the Tablets of Stone, on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed
Diaspora: dispersal; the dispersal of the Jewish world outside the land of ancient Israel;
began when the Jews were Exiled from Babylon (Babylonian Exile), from which not all
Jews returned
Documentary Hypothesis: The theory (1894) that the Pentateuch (Torah/5 Books of
Moses) was not written by one person (Moses) but was complied over a long period of
time from multiple sources
Eschatology: ‘study of the end’; Doctrine concerning the end of age; study of the afterlife
and judgements (heaven/hell)
Exile: 586 BCE; The deportation of the Jews from Jerusalem to Mesopotamia by the
This caused:
-local Israelite political, ritual and agricultural institutions (i.e daily life became less agri-
cultural and more urban)
-Marked the transition from Israelite religion to Judaism
-Destruction of the First Temple (formal worship was replaced with congregational life)
-Synagogue was created
Exodus: 1250 BCE; The migration of Hebrews from Egypt under the leadership of
Moses, understood later as the marking the birth of the Israelite nation
-Hebrews lead by Moses to the promise land
-Wandering for 40 years
-Creation of the Ark of the Covenant and the 10 Commandments
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