RLG200H1 Study Guide - Beforu (Album), General Order, Signify

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2 Apr 2014

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Jonathan z. smith on three features of our modern use of religion : 1) religion is not a native category, 2) Religion is universal, and 3) it is an anthropological, not theological term. It describes human thought and action, especially in terms of belief and behavior. The protestant reformation: the authority of the church of rome found itself under attack by protestant movements. Christians might accept that divine truth was singular and eternal, but no institution could claim full authority on its interpretation any longer and the idea of singular religious truth was in tatters. Natural religion : one very important development in this regard was the concept of natural religion . It represents the age of enlightenment searching for a rational and tolerant account of global diversity. Understood as a pure and ancient religion of nature that had been embraced by all human beings in its earliest development. Proposed religion was a universal feature of human beings.

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